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Border Detention

Houston Immigration Attorney Brian Rhodes has years of experience assisting immigrants detained while crossing the border, halting deportation or Expedited Removals, and requesting Credible Fear and Reasonable Fear Interviews. Attorney Rhodes has had success having immigrants detained at the border released from detention with an immigration bond. Contact our office for an appointment and complete consultation and see how we can help you.

Expedited Removal

Someone I know was detained crossing the border, what can be done?

If a friend or family member has been detained by I.C.E while crossing the border illegally, they will automatically be subject to Expedited Removal.

Under Expedited Removal, the detained individual does not have a right to a hearing before an immigration judge, is not eligible for an immigration bond, and will be deported from the U.S. as soon as possible. The person removed will also have certain bars to lawful reentry.

The only way to stop an Expedited Removal is if, depending on the circumstances, there is a credible or reasonable fear of return to your home country and you wish to pursue a claim for Political Asylum or Withholding of Removal. If someone you know has been detained at the border Contact us Now for a consultation.

Credible Fear

How do I stop an Expedited Removal?

In order to halt a process for expedited removal, a request for a Credible Fear Interview must be received by I.C.E. The purpose of a Credible Fear interview is to determine whether or not the detained individual has a Credible Fear of returning to their home country and to establish their eligibility for Political Asylum in the U.S. If a credible fear is found, then the individual will be placed in removal proceedings and they may also be eligible to request an Immigration Bond. When released, it is important to remember to file your Asylum application within one year of your entry. If someone you know has been detained at the border Contact us Now for a consultation.

Reasonable Fear

What if someone I know is detained at the border and they have a prior deportation order?

If someone you know was detained while crossing the border illegally and they have a prior order of deportation, I.C.E. will enforce the prior order and deport the individual.

However, if they wish to stop their deportation because they fear return to their home country, they may request a Reasonable Fear Interview. Unlike a request for Credible Fear, if approved the detainee will NOT be eligible to request an immigration bond. They will also only be eligible to request Withholding of Removal before an immigration judge. If someone you know has been detained at the border Contact us Now for a consultation.

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